Friday, October 19, 2018

Editors' Discussion Panel "Working Collaboratively"

The Editors' Lounge Discussion Panel convened once again engage in great discussion about the craft and business of editing. Norman Hollyn lead the panelists on a wide-ranging discussion about working collaboratively in the editing environment—not "cloud editing" but real face-to-face teamwork on projects with high-pressure deadlines. Guests included Farrel Levy, James Wilcox, and Harry Miller. You can watch the event in it's entirety here!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Avid Night is Back!

What's New in Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, Plus a Demonstration of MediaCentral | Editorial Management
Avid returned to the Editors' Lounge in July for demonstrations of all the important new features coming to Media Composer. If you missed NAB 2018 or have unanswered questions about what's in store for your favorite editing platform, this is an evening you won't want to miss.
Demonstrations of new features in Media Composer included the ability to edit 16K projects for digital signage, performing insert edits to a previously exported sequence, a live timeline allowing editors to continue working in other parts of Media Composer while the media or sequence is still playing out, enhancements to multicam, shape-based color correction functionality, and more.
The evening also highlighted some of the newest innovations in Pro Tools with Avid’s EUCON-enabled control surfaces and interfaces, as well as showcasing the Avid Pro Tools | S3 and Pro Tools | Dock.
Guests got an early look at Avid’s new MediaCentral | Editorial Management solution for team collaboration. Using a completely integrated media panel, Media Composer editors can quickly search and access bins and clips outside of their active project.  In addition, Editorial Management enables anyone on the team, from PA’s to producers, to browse and search media via a streamlined web interface; MediaCentral | Cloud UX. The MediaCentral | Cloud UX web UI even allows for the creation of bins and modification of projects, outside of Avid Media Composer.
As an added bonus, senior Avid project managers were also on hand to speak with attendees and answer their questions.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Adobe Night Returns!

New Toolsets Powered by AI and Adobe Sensei ML for Adobe Creative Cloud

The Editors’ Lounge hosted Adobe on Friday, June 22nd for a night dedicated to updates and what’s new in Adobe® Creative Cloud® video and audio tools such as  Premiere® Pro CC and After Effects® CC. The event focused on features powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform.

Experts from the Adobe team were on hand to give demonstrations of the latest updates to Adobe Premiere Pro such as dynamic color improvements. Getting the look you want is now easier than ever with one-click color grade matching and side-by-side shot comparisons with Adobe Sensei. Upgrades to the essential graphics panels, including improved graphics workflow in Premiere Pro and new master properties in After Effects make it possible to create just about anything. From movie titles to animated logos, starting a fire or making it rain, with After Effects CC, it’s just a simple click away to take any idea and make it move.

Also demonstrated was the new Shared Projects feature in Adobe Premiere Pro that enables a streamlined editing workflow. Editing teams in the same facility can work collaboratively on a project simultaneously, enabling a smoother, faster workflow, without fear of work being overwritten

Mixing audio is now easier than ever with new features that include Auto-Ducking in Premiere Pro, automates volume levels for music when other audio is detected. Powered by Adobe Sensei technology, Auto-Ducking does in less than a second what used to take minutes or hours. Editors no longer have the painstakingly long task of adding keyframes one-by-one to the music clip or track volume envelopes.

Friday, May 18, 2018

May Event - Tektronix, RE:Vision Effects and NETSTAIRS

The Editors' Lounge May Event came early this year, in order to share a variety of great post production solutions.

Steven Holmes (Sr. Video Application Engineer at Tektronix) presented the benefits of using external waveform monitors in getting optical picture quality when color correcting. Attendees learned how to properly look at 4K and HD waveforms, correct settings for HDR and important differences between Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+, and much much more.

Lori Freitag (Training and Content Manager) and Anthony Magliocco (VP of Business Development) were on hand to demonstrate how editors can take advantage of Adobe Dynamic Link to use popular RE:Revision plugins like Twixtor®, RE:Match® and RE:Lens® from within After Effects to enhance their Adobe Premiere Pro projects—no expertise in After Effects required! 

David Vernon (Vernon’s Vision, Global Agent Representative for NETSTAIRS) presented WebRTC (Real Time Communication) with the NETSTAIRS/Pixel.Click-To-Video/Wall of OZ and solutions. NETSTAIRS technologies addresses the problems of production and post-production companies being able to share globally “in real time,” with no latency or delay, anytime of day and anywhere in the world where an internet signal is available. Dr. Ahmad Moradi, Chairman and CEO of NETSTAIRS also presented full demonstrations via a Digital Media Room showing firsthand the application and efficiency of DMR technology.

Friday, March 23, 2018

15th Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel

The 15th Annual Editors' Lounge Pre-NAB Discussion Panel was held on Friday March 23rd at Key Code Media in Burbank. The evening was moderated by Artisans PR Managing Director Linda Rosner and featured:

Terence Curren, colorist and founder of AlphaDogs
Kathryn Himoff, feature editor
Michael Kammes, Director of Technology at Key Code Media and host of 5THINGS
Mark Raudonis, SVP of Post at Bunim/Murray Productions

Discussion covered a wide range of business and technical topics pertaining to post production. Thank you to the staff at Key Code Media and AlphaDogs for running the event, and special thanks to Secret Headquarters for production support.

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Presentations for the New Year

Solutions for Editing Plugins, Storage and Media Management

The Editors' Lounge hopes that everyone had a fun holiday season, and that you are all recharged and ready for 2018. We certainly are! To kick off the first Lounge of the year, some familiar faces are back to show off their latest offerings: Glookast with updates to their cloud-based media-management products, Boris FX with their latest and greatest visual effects plugins, and G-Technology with storage solutions to fit any need.

GLOOKAST Solution Architect Dave Euson will demonstrate of Glooport Media|Producer, an easy-to-use high-speed file-based ingesting platform that takes raw file-based media for direct ingests into broadcast and production workflows. Also showcased will be the Gloobox Capturer, a baseband capture solution and Glooport, a family of cluster-based load-balanced services that offer seamless integration into existing workflows by automating and managing remote ingest, parking, retrieving, transforming and outgest of media and metadata across all platforms.

Boris FX Product Specialist Mary Poplin will show the latest Boris Continuum and Sapphire tools for Avid, and Premiere Pro editors, including the new Continuum Primatte chroma-keyer and Mocha integration inside of popular Sapphire tools. The ability of Sapphire Builder and Lens Flare Designer to easily enhance creative storytelling will also be featured.

G-Technology Solution Architect Jesse Adams and Account Manager Chris Bradley, will present the G-Rack 12 NAS-based solution and the DAS-based G-SPEED Shuttle XL appliance, a transportable 8-bay hardware-RAID solution with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology supporting 4K workflows with transfer rates up to 2000MB/s and multiple RAID configurations. They will also offer a first look at the new multi-bay RAID Array that will be officially announced on January 16th