Friday, February 27, 2015

Tapeless Post Production

File-based Solutions from Cinedeck and Wiredrive

In light of the continuously diminishing role of videotape in modern TV and film production, we invited two vendors to share their tapeless post production solutions at the February Editors' Lounge event.

Wiredrive is a secure, scalable platform for collaborative decision-making that offers automatic preview generation, search features, a variety of sharing options, delivery confirmation, review-and-approve, and more.

Cinedeck is a direct-to-disc video recording system, compatible with a very wide variety of camera sources—recording to numerous native formats—and capable of encoding to all of the popular professional codecs.

In addition, associate producer Howard Brock stopped by to present a case study of how Cinedeck was used as an integral part of the production/post-production workflow for the television series Anger Management. Watch the video of his presentation to learn more.