Friday, May 17, 2013

It's That Avid Time of Year Again...

Post-NAB Look at M.C. 7, Pro Tools 11, and Interplay Sphere

The Editors' Lounge welcomed Avid for the annual post-NAB showcase of the latest updates and workflows straight from their booth at Las Vegas. The event gave attendees a sneak peek at the latest features in Media Composer 7, Pro Tools 11 and Interplay Sphere, before the official launch date of June.

Avid Solutions Specialist Michael Krulik demonstrated new features debuting in MC7, including LUT support, Avid Frameflex™ for hi-res media re-framing, Dynamic Media Folders for automated background processing tasks, AMA enhancements, and a number of other improvements including audio editing and monitoring.

Pro Tools updates were demoed by Avid Senior Solution Specialist Scott Wood, who showed faster-than-real-time bounce capabilities, boosted 64-bit performance, new built-in metering standards, and the Avid Video Engine for expanded playback and editing capabilities.

Finally, Avid Senior Principal Product Designer Ian Krabacher demonstrated collaborative workflows with Interplay Sphere by uploading local clips to a workgroup in Boston as a background process, while remote and local sequences were being edited.

A fantastic evening, with a great turnout. Thank you Avid!