Friday, January 30, 2015

Audio for Video Editors

From Media Composer to ProTools: How to Get the Best Out of Your Audio

The January Editors' Lounge kicked off 2015 with a special focus on audio, particularly geared towards video editors.

Veteran audio mixer Erik Valenzuela discussed how editors should manage their projects for a seamless handover to an audio mix session. Of particular note was an exploration of common pitfalls and errors in audio track assignments and audio editing decisions, and tips on how to avoid or correct them. Erik was joined by AlphaDogs' own Curtis Fritsch for an overview of the best practices for QuickTime reference files for a ProTools mix, including format size, etc.

Scott Wood, Avid ProAudio Sr. Solutions Specialist, also stopped by the Lounge to talk about a number of audio topics, including a look at Media Composer's built-in audio tools and plug-in capabilities, identifying common audio challenges like identifying sync issues, and more.