Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting Serious With File-based Workflows

File-based Powerhouse Solutions for QC, Insert Editing, Workflow Automation, and More

The Editors' Lounge returned from a Summer Hiatus on Friday, September 30 with an event focusing on file-based workflows, ranging from workflow automation to QC to insert editing directly into the mastered file.

• Charles Dautremont, CTO of Cinedeck, presented the latest features of cineXinsert, a cross-codec cross-wrapper file-based insert editor.

• Niklas Fabian and Jorge Zepeda of Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated the VENICE ingest & production server and CLIPSTER 6 mastering & distribution workstation.

• Anand Jahagirdar, Head of Sales & Support North America for ROOT6 Technology, demoed ContentAgent, a file-based management and orchestration tool for workflow automation.

• Steven Holmes, Sr. Video Application Engineer at Tektronix, gave an in-depth presentation on file-based QC: what is it, when do you need it, and how do you choose a solution for it.

File-based workflows have almost completely consumed tape-based ones, and this jam-packed evening presented a fantastic opportunity for the many attendees to learn what it’s all about.