Friday, January 27, 2017

Warming Up 2017 With New Solutions for Post

Collaboration & Workflow from BeBop, EditShare and Simian

The Editors’ Lounge kicked off 2017 with clouds. Not ominous stormclouds (we've had enough of those!) but clouds of data for remote editing, collaboration and workflow management. A great crowd joined us for an evening on production and post... in the cloud.

Herb Dow, Head of Global Sales for BeBop Technology, will join us to take everyone through the features of their online streaming platform for taking editorial workflows online to a completely cloud-based environment. He will share real-world examples of BeBop’s cloud services in action.

Jesse Adams, Sr. Sales Engineer for EditShare, will demonstrate Flow, a production asset management platform for creative control of all files during the production and post-production process including automation and remote access. A case study will show Flow in action as used remotely to integrate on-set hardware with cloud-based tools.

Kellie Mattzela-Atton, Head of Sales for Simian, along with Simian Co-Founder and CEO Brian Atton, will showcase how their production asset management platform delivers highly streamlined project collaboration, including media sharing and 360°/VR video workflows.