Friday, March 25, 2016

Lucky 13: The Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel

Thirteen Years and Going Strong!

The end of March means NAB is just around the corner, and NAB means it's time again for Editors' Lounge to present its Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel. Key Code Media in Burbank helped us host our 13th Edition (!!!) of this annual favorite, which took place on Friday March 25.

Our good friend, writer Debra Kaufman, retuned to moderate a panel that included AlphaDogs CEO Terence Curren, editor Monica Daniel, Key Code Media Director of Technology Michael Kammes, and Bunim/Murray Productions VP of Post Mark Raudonis.

This year's discussion was expanded to include topics from the Hollywood Professional Alliance Tech Retreat that took place in February.

Stay tuned for a link to the video, coming soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Virtual Reality Demystified

Tackling VR from Planning through Acquisition to Post

Virtual Reality technology is getting cheaper and consumer interest is growing, which means that this is an emerging market waiting for quality content. Who's ready to tackle it?

Editors' Lounge was proud to present our first VR-themed event on Friday, February 26. Four presenters generously donated their time to cover this topic from all angles:

“Demystifying VR”
VR-guru Lucas Wilson, Head of Production at JauntVR, blew everyone's minds with a deep dive into Virtual Reality including a demo of the Jaunt ONE, an amazing 360-degree camera.

"VR in Production"
Stephen Fromkin, CEO of Talespin Media, discussed VR production in great depth, including budgeting, planning, VR storytelling, and much more.

"VR in Post"
Chris Healer, Founder and CEO of The Molecule, talked about the ins and out of stitching, rendering, and visual effects workflow and considerations for different kinds of VR rigs.

"Audio for VR"
John Hendicott and Chris Timpson, Co-founders of Aurelia Soundworks, dazzled the crowd with the particulars of 3D sound for VR.

There was a lot to learn, and the record turnout proved that this really is a topic that people are really interested in.