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Friday, April 25, 2003

Second Editors' Lounge

Alpha Dogs Presents their second Editor's Lounge

Time flies and the time has come to have our second EDITORS LOUNGE.
The Lounge was held on Friday the 25th, at 7 p.m. at the Alphadogs office, located at 1612 W. Olive Ave. Suite 200, Burbank, CA.
At this meeting it seemed appropriate to discuss the latest and greatest from NAB. Range of topics included but were not limited to:
- Avid new releases such as Adrenaline, Nitrous and Mojo
- Quantel EQ
- Final Cut Pro
- Media Storage
- DV
- Cameras such as JVC, Panasonic
- Disk media vs. tape
The purpose of the Editors Lounge is to create a place where discussion can take place about trends and equipment, sharing of operating tips, and other information that we as editors might need.
Don't forget, you are always welcome to bring a friend and price of admission is your beverage of choice.
Please drop a line to let me know that you are coming by phone (818) 729-9262 or email so that we have enough food.
Terence Curren