Friday, July 31, 2009

Adobe CS4 and FORscene

Integrating Adobe CS4 Production Premium and FORscene into Your Post Workflow

Forbidden Technologies founder, Stephen Streater, joined us live from London in a dramatic demostration of FORscene, their web-based video post-production software. Full-featured multi-user reviewing, logging and editing tools can be accessed via the web from anywhere in the world. Learn more about FORscene.

Adobe returned to the Editors' Lounge with a more in-depth look at Production Premium CS4. Adobe Digital Workflow Specialist and 20-year film/TV veteran, Kevan O'Brien, demonstrated how you can seamlessly integrate CS4 into your post-production workflow. Highlights included: the latest tapeless formats like RED, P2 and AVCHD; importing projects from Avid; using Speech Search for speech-to-text conversion; Photoshop and after Effects integration; multiple video delivery options like Blu-ray discs and Flash for web. Learn more about CS4 Production Premium.