Friday, October 25, 2013

Editors' Panel: Channeling the Muse

 A Discussion With Editors About Creativity

The Editors' Lounge wrapped up 2013 with a doozy of an event: another exciting installment in our Editors' Panel discussion series.

Moderator Debra Kaufman bypassed all the usual technical talk about systems and platforms and technologies in favor of a wide-ranging and personal discussion about creativity: how do editors foster and nurture it, how do they deal with creative blocks, and more.

The panel was composed of a fantastic lineup of truly talented editors across the film and television disciplines, including Zack Arnold (Burn Notice, Glee, and writer/director of Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story), Ryan Case (Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Jay Cassidy (Silver Linings Playbook, Into the Wild, An Inconvenient Truth), and Dan Lebental (Thor: The Dark World, Cowboys & Aliens, Iron Man 2, and creator of TouchEdit for iPad).

It was a wildly successful evening with a packed house. Many thanks to the panelists for sharing their thought processes with everyone, and to Key Code Media for graciously hosting the event!